Discover How Hundreds of Local Women Have Lost Weight, Toned Up and Skyrocketed Their Confidence (even with full time jobs and families)

...With Training That is Smart, Fun and Exciting and Nutrition That is Simple to Follow and Let’s You Eat The Foods You Love (even wine!)

…..So That You’re Looking Forward To Your Plan Rather Than Dreading It and Waiting For It To Be Done (The Main Reason Most Diets and Programs Fail)

How many times have you started a diet or training plan only to find yourself quitting after a while?



  • Completing the plan and getting results only to go back to your previous weight and how you felt because you couldn’t sustain what you were doing as part of your lifestyle.
  • The diet was so strict you hated it and couldn’t wait for it to be done?
  • The training took hours and hours and it wasn’t fun, got you mediocre (or no) results; and you didn’t believe you could make it your lifestyle?
  • There was no accountability and support from a group of people that have gone through the same obstacles and struggles?
  • Maybe you busted your butt on the program and didn’t get the results that equaled the effort and you don’t know where you went wrong and lost all motivation? 

"Sarah, 34, full time engineer lost over 40 pounds with our system"

"Sam, 35 and working mother with 4 kids lost 3 pant sizes with our simple system"

If you’re frustrated and just want results that will stick for good based on principles that have  worked with 1,000’s of clients in the real world, but you're skeptical about any program in general  ...

Then Here is The Solution:

                      The Durbrow Performance Training 21 Day Transformation Kick Start (for people in the Somerville, Cambridge, Boston, Medford, Charlestown, Arlington, Everett and Malden areas) where you’ll receive:

-strategy session with our knowledgeable coaches who actually care - in which you will find out where you are and where you want to go, eliminate bottlenecks and create a blueprint that if individualized to YOU and your lifestyle and will deliver Results and then help you maintain them……you will get a clear picture and a simple step by step blueprint in how to achieve the results you want without 

-1-2 semi-private personal training sessions each week with a program customized for you so we address what will work best for you based on your body, lifestyle, schedule and restrictions.  

-3 Team Training Sessions each week -you have over 20 sessions a week that will burn more calories in 40 minutes then any other workout. These sessions boost metabolism for 24-48 hours after training so you’ll be burning more even days after the session (this is something called EPOC that helps 24/7 fat loss)

-Nutritional coaching that meets you where you are and not throwing a bunch of information at you trying to sound smart. This is designed to help you get excited about the changes rather than dreading them

-Unlimited high fives, energy, community and an experience that is completely unique….

Watch's the Catch?

We’re so confident that we can get you results and that we are so ruthlessly committed to getting you to your goal - that after seeing the success stories, expert knowledge, coaching, community, experience - you’ll want to stay and become part of the DP Family like hundreds of our other clients; that we’re willing to create this opportunity with no strings attached. 

If you feel like we can’t help you we’ll thank you for experiencing what we do and even recommend someone that may be a better fit and leave you with a gift on the way out. 

We know we’re not for everyone and if you DON'T like a gym that is: 

-100% ruthlessly committed to your results

-High energy and the furthest from boring 

-No judgment allowed and everyone supports each towards their goals

 -The coaches and other clients are your Team and it feels like a Family

 -People are themselves and don’t talk or act “careful” because everyone is accepting of everyone else

 -No “know it all’s” as everyone is ruthlessly committed to expanding and improving

-More than just training and nutrition but also community and helping with whatever it takes to make a permanent transformation in your life...

Then Durbrow Performance  is NOT for you!

To sign up for a 21 day Trial just click the link at the bottom of this page and you'll be taken to a questionnaire. Once you fill that out completely you'll be able to schedule your strategy session 

I Want You to Know This is Different

Really….it is.

With so many programs and gyms talking about getting you fast results these days, you may be thinking you’ve seen and heard this before. 

But trust me…..this is unique.

And once you experience what we do….

…and you have the blueprint, go through the nutritional coaching working on exactly what you need to get what you want…

semi-private personal training sessions that are the most effective in the shortest amount of time…

TEAM group training that is fun, challenging, and has you burning calories long after you’re done with the workout (less than 40 minutes long)…

You may have already seen some of the success stories from 100’s of our clients transformations in the past 5+ years whether it be….

And the reality is, we do it over and over again

Now it's your turn

I'm Not Going to Just Give you a Few "Cool" Workouts and Some Nutrition Tips

I’m going to take you step-by-step, start to finish to see what you must do to get the results that you want and have felt like they are elusive; a transformation that isn’t short term of based on some B.S. lie, gimmick, detox, crazy diet, “crush your soul” workout, etc.

but rather a program based on science and real world results. 

Soon, you won’t be confused and frustrated about what you need to do to drop body fat for good. 

And YOU will be the one seeing results

And YOU will have tools to keep it….

And the catalyst for it will be our Durbrow Performance 21 Day Kick Start

But to do it, you’ll need to take action

Normally the price for this coaching package is $147 for 21 Days

But for this limited time I'm making it a STEAL at $97...

  Yes, $97 for all of that

If you’re serious and committed to finally making a serious transformation that will last but you’re skeptical because you don’t know who to trust then this is an opportunity for you to find out what hundreds of current clients with success think and feel about Durbrow Performance. 

You can continue to spend time and money on cheap, unproven, get fit quick broken promises or you can access body transformation experts that are nationally recognized and have a track record of thousands of transformations.

The choice is yours….

Put your information in below and start your transformation journey

When You Sign Up For A 21 Day Kick Start and Strategy Session Now, You'll Get:

  • You sit down with a DP Coach who goes into finding out your goals, training, nutrition, lifestyle and finding out what the best plan will be for you to make progress fast AND stick to it
    - You’ll go through an assessment so we can find weaknesses that we’ll address in the program so you get accelerated results (if you have something slowing you down your body won’t allow you to progress the pace you’d like to)
    - We help you create a nutrition plan that moves step- by-step in a way that you are excited rather than scared and is not crazy restrictive but rather eating foods you enjoy - and most importantly gets you RESULTS!
    - You get access to our fast paced, fun, challenging (it fits any fitness level because of our unique progression and regression system) 
    - You get a customized program to fit your goals and training in a semi-private setting for 2-3 sessions. This is where you see the advantage of our Elite program where the program and coaching fits your wants and needs and the progress skyrockets with constant changes to get you where you want to go. 

"Lisa, age 37 and mother of two daughers lost 10 inches and 5 pounds of fat"

Register for Your Strategy Session and 21 Day Kick Start for Just $97 (100% money back guarantee)

You have nothing to lose. If you don't love your experience at Durbrow Performance, we'll gladly give you every penny back.